The name of the organization shall be the Aseanian Membrane Society, hereafter called the SOCIETY; it shall be an organization to advance and benefit membrane science and technology.
The objectives of the SOCIETY shall be to encourage and facilitate:
ⅰ. Interaction among membrane organizations of the SOCIETY.
ⅱ. Exchange of scientific knowledge, participation in national and international membrane meetings, and promotion of mutual visits among membranologists of the Society.
  2.1 The founding members of the SOCIETY shall be; (i) The Membrane Society of Japan; (ii) The Membrane Society of Korea, and (iii) The Membrane Society of A-ustralia.
  2.2 Membership of the SOCIETY shall be open to all societies and associations of scientists and engineers, geographically located in, or near, the Asian and Oceanian countries, which have at least part of their activities devoted to membrane science and/or technology.
Other societies or associations, meeting the requirements of Section 2.2, shall be encouraged to join in the SOCIETY. The societies or associations may apply to join the SOCIETY by sending its application to the Council (defined by Section 3.2). The organization will be admitted by a vote of at least two-thirds of the Council. The membership will become effective on January 1, following the vote date of admission.
  2.4 There shall be no regular annual subscription required of the member organizations.
  2.5 A member organization may resign from the SOCIETY by submitting its resignation in writing to the President of the SOCIETY at least one year in advance.
  3.1 The operating year shall be from January 1 through December 31.
  3.2 Council
  1. A Council shall administer the SOCIETY.
  2. Each of the founding organizations, China and Taiwan shall have two representatives, and each of the other member organizations representing their countries shall have one representative on the Council.
  3. The Council shall elect a President and two Vice-Presidents for a term of two years. One reelection shall be permitted.
  4. The Council shall appoint all committees and committee members to conduct such matters as may be delegated to them.
  3.3 Duties of the Council
  1. The Council shall conduct all the business of the SOCIETY.
  2. Decisions of the Council must be by a majority vote, with a minimum of one half of the total Council members constituting a quorum for the vote.
  3. The treasury of the SOCIETY or the member organization may provide expenses of the Council members incurred through participation in Council meeting.
  3.4 President
  1. The President should be elected by the SOCIETY Council as stated in Section 3.3 ii.
  2. The President shall be the chair of the Council.
  3. The duties of the President shall be to coordinate the activities of the SOCIETY and to maintain contact with the member organizations through their representatives on the Council.
  4. In the case of the President's inability to serve, his duties shall be assumed by the senior Vice-President until the Council elects a new President.
  3.5 Vice-President
Two Vice-Presidents shall be elected by the SOCIETY Council as stated in Section 3.3.ii. In the absence of the President, the senior Vice-President shall assume the duties of that office.
  3.6 Secretary-Treasurer
The Secretary-Treasurer shall be appointed for a term of two years by the President.
  3.7 Committees
The council shall appoint all Committees and committee chairs.
  3.8 Advisory Board
Presidents of the SOCIETY automatically become the members of Advisory Board after their presidency. The mission of Advisory Board is to lead the SOCIETY to better direction based on their experiences. Advisory Board members can participate the AMS council meetings, and express their opinions, but don't have right to vote.
  The SOCIETY may cover its activities through the support by external funds. Such funds may be used for attendance of representatives at Council meetings, and/or to sponsor SOCIETY activities.
  5.1 The meeting of the SOCIETY Council shall be held at each Aseanian Membrane Society Conference and at such other times as determined by majority of Council members or by the President of the SOCIETY. A member organization may appoint properly qualified proxy delegate(s), who will have voting right(s), to attend meetings of the Council.
  5.2 The SOCIETY may organize international meetings or conferences on any aspect of membrane science and technology.
These may be of the following types:
  1. The SOCIETY shall organize the Aseanian Membrane Society Conference every two years.
  2. Other meetings or conferences organized by national bodies and sponsored by the SOCIETY.
    To achieve SOCIETY sponsorship, a plan of the meeting must be submitted to the President of the SOCIETY for consideration by the Council, which may suggest modifications before approval is given. The financial management of the meeting shall be the responsibility of the organizing national body. Members of all national bodies affiliated to the SOCIETY who wish to attend a meeting sponsored by the SOCIETY shall be treated as if they were members of the organizing national body.
  5.3 The policy of the SOCIETY toward publication of the proceedings of any of its meetings shall be determined principally by the publication policy of the organizing national body or bodies. Prominent recognition of the SOCIETY sponsorship shall accompany all such publications.
  5.4 The Council may plan and execute other activities of interest to the SOCIETY.
  Any member organizations of the SOCIETY may propose an amendment to the Constitution of the SOCIETY by submitting it in writing to the President of the SOCIETY. Adoption of an amendment to the Constitution shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Council Members.
  The SOCIETY may be dissolved only by a unanimous vote of the Council of the SOCIETY. Prior to dissolution of the SOCIETY all debts of the SOCIETY must be discharged and all its affairs settled.
Established: May 18, 2001 (Tokyo, Japan)
First amended on August 24, 2007
Second amended on Nov. 23, 2010 (Sydney, Australia)