11th AMS conference in Brisbane
(July 3 - July 6, 2018)
Euromembrane 2018
(July 9 - July 13, 2018)
NAMS 2018
(June 9 - June 13, 2018)
ICIM 2018
(June 18 - June 22, 2018)

Membrane Society of Japan
Membrane Society of Korea
Membrane Society of Australia
Membrane Society of China
Taiwan Membrane Society
Membrane Society of Singapore

History of AMS, presented by Prof. Nakao in AMS 10
Past and Future of Membranes, presented by Prof. Drioli in AMS 10
History of AMS (in Japanese), a special article in MEMBRANE
Past and Future of Membranes, a special article in MEMBRANE

    Welcome to AMS 

    Welcome to visit the Aseanian Membrane Society (AMS) website. “Aseanian” is a combined word of “Asian” and “Oceanian”. AMS aims to encourage the knowledge exchange and international collaborations among the membranologists in these regions and to promote the links and interactions with other membrane organizations in the world.

    AMS was founded in 2002 and grows very fast since then. In the last AMS meeting (AMS 10) held in Nara, Japan, there were nearly 600 participants from more than 20 countries. To celebrate the 10th AMS meeting, Prof. Nakao from Japan and Prof. Drioli from Italy gave two special presentations discussing about the past history, the current status and the future perspective of AMS. You are welcome to download their presentations slides from our website, to learn more about AMS.

    Our society will continue to serve as a platform to facilitate international cooperation and to play an active role in promoting the development of membrane technologies. Next AMS meeting (AMS 11) will be held in Brisbane, Australia, during July 3 - July 6 in 2018. Please join us for the upcoming meeting and we look forward to the opportunity to welcome you in beautiful Brisbane.


Hideto Matsuyama  
President of the Aseanian Membrane Society  
Kobe University, Japan